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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The PVR Adsense Test - Update

Last week I made this post explaining the idea behind the PVR Source Blog.

For anyone not in the know, the idea was to test the potential success of creating link dump blogs centering around high yield keywords.

Well, the results are in:

In second place, performing relatively well but still unremarkably: The Blog To End All Blogs!

And in first place, the reigning champion: PVR Source!

Ok, so PVR Source won, like I expected it too. While I can't get too specific with the stats because of the Adsense terms of service, I can tell you that this blog received significantly more page views and clicks but that the PVR Source Blog earned significantly more Adsense revenue because of the high value of PVR and DVR related keywords.

The even odder aspect, to me, is how well PVR Source performed with the true dearth of content it experienced. I made a grand total of two - that's right, TWO - one sentence posts. One was an introduction and the other a link. In other words, it really doesn't deserve to be called a blog so much as a link portal.

At this point we face the most difficult part of the experiment - evaluating what the results mean. Although I expected this to occur, I am still not happy about it. The message that the success of this and other blogs like it is that you do not need quality content to be a quality blogger. A debate can be had about whether being a "quality blogger" and a "profitable blogger" are the same thing.

I'll leave that for you to think about for now.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Chris Pirillo Update - Part Deux

Chris Pirillo commented on the previous post.

I said I would do it:

"The Chris Pirillo effect is a proven law of science".

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Chris Pirillo Update

Two Days, Five Comments, No Chris Pirillo.

You had better show up soon, Chris Pirillo, or else the myth will be busted.

I'm even giving you one more chance by using the name "Chris Pirillo" three times in this post as well.

We can once and for all put an end to the "Chris Pirillo Effect" talk.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Greatest Myth In Blogging - The Chris Pirillo Effect

We've all heard of absurd myths, the sort of accounts that are used to scare children into going to sleep.

Today I have discovered the greatest myth in blogging. It's an idea so outrageous, so crazy, that just uttering it might qualify you for the asylum.

As with many myths, this one does have some basis in truth. Apparently a few people mentioned Chris Pirillo in their blogs and he happened to notice them and comment. Then, Mike Flynn wrote this article, terming the phenomenon "The Pirillo Effect". All well and good, of course. Now, after noticing this Pirillo linked to the article from his own blog. The story now is that if you say "Chris Pirillo" three times within your post, he will soon appear and comment on your blog.

My question here is the same as Mike noted, although I am more skeptical: Is this Chris Pirillo or Beetlejuice?

Now, I could be wrong. Maybe Chris Pirillo has an army of Pirillo spiderbots, crawling the web looking for any mention of his name. Narcissistic? Yes. Impossible? No.

Anyway, I have now mentioned "Chris Pirillo", counting that last one, five times. That should be plenty to get the man here if the rumors are true.

I give it 1 week. If Chris Pirillo has commented on this post, on this blog, then I will personally hail the Pirillo effect as a proven law of science.

I seriously doubt that I will have to do that though.

Darren Rowse - 7 Ways to Get to the Top of the Popular Page is one of the foremost social bookmarking sites on the internet, along with others such as Digg and SlashDot. Social Bookmarking sites are notorious for providing an amazing level of traffic to any blog or site lucky enough to end up on their frontpage. Darren Rowse recently released an article titled 7 Ways To Get To The Top Of The Popular Page.

The foremost point that he makes is the value of lists and numbers in reaching the front of social bookmarking sites. When he analyzed he found that approximately 40% of the posts on the main page contained a list in some shape or form. They also typically contained a number referring to the amount of points the list would make i.e. "7 Ways to Get to the Top of the Popular Page" rather than "Several Ways to Get to the Top of the Popular Page". Overall this is another great article at ProBlogger which it might benefit any aspiring blog czar to read.

You can read the rest of the article HERE.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blogmad - The New Link Exchange

BlogMad has set a tentative launch date of March 1, 2006. "What is BlogMad?" you ask?

BlogMad is similar to Blog Explosion in that it is a blog link exchange site. It operates under the same premise as its compatriot - you take the time to look at other member's blogs, and other BlogMad users will take the time to look at yours.

Why are we talking about this in January?

The answer here is simple - timing. If you sign up to Blog Explosion right now, you become one member in about 15000. That's not exactly good for your ego, and definitely not good for your blog. Having spent a few hours surfing other members' blogs, I think that only MonkeyBoy has gotten anything out of mine. Alternatively, if you sign up for BlogMad right now, you become one of the founding members. Not only do you receive 25 immediate credits (which means 25 unique visitors to your site), but you will also be one of the first listed in the BlogMad directories. Additionally you have the chance to become a referrer, allowing you to earn even more initial credits. Referrer banners might look a little something like this:


I'm not one to recommend something unless I think it will be useful. From what I have seen, BlogMad looks like it will be a quality link exchange and blog directory site. If my opinion changes, I will be certain to note it. So for now, head over there, sign up, and get ready for a world of new readers come March.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Nobody Reading? Hanging In There Through A Blog's Deadzone

I have been writing The Blog To End All Blogs for five days now. I have written sixteen quality posts on a multitude of topics, although they are almost all focused on business and blogging in some way, shape, or form. I have signed up for every free program, service, and directory I can find in the hopes of getting somebody, anybody, to read my blog regularly. Yes, quite a few times in the last day or two I have thought about how long it is going to take to build an established readership at this rate.

But I have not despaired or given up. And, if you are in the same situation as me, neither should you.

The following are the techniques that I use to keep myself enthused and encouraged about my blog:

- I remind myself that almost no blog is successful in five days.

It is a cliche to say that Rome was not built in a day or that anything worth having is worth working for. However, it's also true. Darren and Yaro did not have 1000 readers in five days. Yet now, they are two of the most respected figures in the world of blogging. You knew coming in that readers would not be beating down your door in a week. So why stop what you're doing because your results are what you expected them to be?

- I reason that when I begin to accrue regular readers, they will appreciate all of the posts I made in the beginning.

I, for one, am new to the blogging game. When I found Problogger, Entrepreneur's Journey, and Performancing I didn't just read the articles that they posted from then on out. I went back through their archives and read every snippet of useful information I could find. I know that when I have devoted readers they will be interested in going back and seeing my earlier articles. I don't want to disappoint them, and you will not want to disappoint your readers either.

- I realize that my posts have an intrinsic value as an expression of myself; they aren't just "bait" to lure in readers.

The first three or four days that I was posting I posted in the hopes that someone would see the post and link it or blog about it. Yesterday and today, though, I've realized that no one will want to read my posts if they do not obviously have some meaning to me and some originality. The entire reason that I (and you) began blogging was to express myself, and to share my ideas, opinions, and expertise with interested readers. There is no purpose in having a forum to offer my mind to other people if I am not giving them content that is actually representative of my mind and personality. If you don't write in a way that has meaning to yourself you'll put up the keyboard within a few days.

- I take solace in the small victories that occur, rather than dwelling on the negatives.

Optimism is often overused, but so is pessimism. Today after looking at my blog I could have dwelled on the fact that I only had seventy page views, most of which did not result in anyone reading my articles. Instead, I rejoiced at receiving my first ever comment. Obviously my content had interested someone enough to get them to take the time to tell me. Believe me, if you look at your blog's successes you'll be sporting a smile, and if you focus on your blog's shortcomings you'll be wearing a frown.

Optimism, individualism, perseverance, and patience will combine to nurse you through your blog's infancy. When you've got a few hundred people reading your blog everyday, you'll be shocked that you ever even considered quitting. The difference between the successful bloggers and the poor bloggers isn't apparent in times of prosperity. The way you react to the slow times will determine your success in blogging.

Day 3 - The Blog To End All Blogs

Today's attempts to improve the blog:

- Spent a lot of time at Blog Explosion
working to get credits so that this blog could be advertised. In sum I probably spent a couple of hours thumbing through other members' blogs and earned about 70 credits. Each credit is worth 1 unique visitor to the site, so presumably 70 people have at least gotten to see the heading of my previous post about PVR and the PVR - AdSense test.

- Continued the commenting / networking on other blogs and forums.

- Did plenty of reading over at Performancing on blog promotion and improvement.

-Kept on writing posts.

Happy to report that my first comment was received today. A bit cryptic, but still appreciated.

I am considering putting up other ads on this blog. Whether I choose to will depend on how unobtrusive I can make them.

Monday, January 02, 2006

The PVR Adsense Test - Part 1

After writing my last post I have decided to perform a test to see how easily one can profit from high yield keywords.

I have begun "The PVR Source" at It will focus on Personal Video Recorders (PVR), which Top Paying Keywords lists as one of its most improved Google search phrases based on adsense revenue per click.

Here are my rules for this experiment:

1. I can only post links to other PVR articles; I can not develop and post entirely original articles.

2. I can promote PVR Source in any way that I want, provided that I do not spend an excessive amount of time promoting the blog.

3. The only revenue that I can consider relevant is revenue that originates from Google Adsense.

4. The experiment will last one week, to begin with. After the week I will compare the Adsense revenue from PVR Source to any revenue I earn from The Blog To End All Blogs.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that the blog given more time, with a higher amount of interesting, customized content, would be more profitable. I fully expect, however, that within a week PVR Source will have outperformed this blog by at least a two to one ratio.

If you have thoughts on this experiment or suggestions to improve it, please let me know by leaving a comment.

PVR, DNA, Florida Lawyer: The Madness Of Adsense Keywords

For the first few days of running The Blog To End All Blogs, the adsense ads at the top of the page have primarily been about blogs. I find that the majority of my adsense ads turn out to be links right back to; needless to say a click on one of these ads, though appreciated, is only worth a few cents.

If I wanted a blog that was purely centered around profit, then I would see how many of the keywords from I could fit into my post. For your email address they provide a list of the 20 "most improved" keywords in terms of amount of money generated per click, on a percentage basis.

Included on the list were such terms as "PVR" (Personal Video Recorder, akin to a Tivo I believe), "DNA" (Deoxyribonucleic Acid for any of you who might be curious), and "Florida Lawyer". If someone clicks on a "Florida Lawyer" based Adsense ad on your blog, you instantly earn over 10 dollars.

So what am I to do? Go out and register,, and, slap a few news links up on each one and hope for the best? I don't plan to, but this is the sort of get rich quick scheme that reminds me of the Million Dollar Homepage, although it lacks the ingenuity.

No, I'll keep blogging about my blog and whatever else might interest me, nursing my 75 page impressions - 4 clickthroughs - $0.61 earned stats until someone has to pry the keyboard away from my cold dead fingers.