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Friday, December 30, 2005

Jimi Hendrix / Forums

A great picture here of Jimi Hendrix, one of my favorite musicians. I use the name "JimiHendrix" as my identity on numerous forums in order to pay homage to the musical great. Which forums you ask?

Check these: (Great, close-knit business forum) (For the Elder Scrolls series of videogames. Yeah thats kind of nerdy but what can I say, you can't beat disemboweling an enslaved creature that looks like Jar Jar from Star Wars) (A debate forum. I'm not actually Jimi here, I'm "Cartesian Doubt". Don't post there that often anymore but its always interesting to look at the many unusual and random threads there.)

YGG is the one of those that should really command your attention.

An Epiphany

I have amazing epiphanies from time to time, realizations of facts that most people grasp immediately yet seem to elude me, personally. It's not good when you can do math in your head as fast as a calculator or come up with amazing business ideas but do not realize, in this case, the meaning of Microsoft.

Microsoft: Micro / Soft

Microsoft stands for Micro software. There's a reason why they call it that.

Apparently millions of advertising and branding dollars are wasted on people like me...

Smoking Ordinances?

An article in USA Today yesterday said that nearly 40% of Americans now live in communities that have some form of anti-smoking laws in effect. The laws usually prohibit smoking in businesses and restaurants which serve or employ people under 18, as well as in public / government buildings. Some of the stronger laws even outlaw smoking in parks.

Many people will tell you that the "cultural norm" has shifted away from smoking, i.e. that because a majority of people now do not smoke it is somehow alright to legislate against the practice. Personally, I don't smoke. I think that smoking is stupid - a waste of money and a waste of health. But these laws represent something broader than just curtailing smoking. In essence what these laws allow is for the government to illegalize a lawful practice in a private place.

In the government buildings, fine, the government owns them and they have the right to make any laws concerning them that they wish. A government, however, should not have the right to legislate lawful activities in private settings. Imagine if a city decided to outlaw smoking in not just private businesses but also private homes. Or, better yet, consider if an extremely liberal community determined that eating meat was inappropriate, and thus disallowed the sale of animal products in restaurants.

When we set a precedent of producing laws affecting private places on a majority's whim, we are misusing the government's power and authority, regardless of the agenda at hand.

Kinky Friedman

Kinky Friedman is an independent candidate running for the Texas governor's office in the 2006 election. A year away from the election, Kinky is polling at 21%. This means that, theoretically, if the election were held today Kinky would receive 21% of the votes from those who voted in the previous gubernatorial election. An unnamed Democrat challenger would, by the poll, receive approximately 23% of the vote, while Republican incumbent Rick Perry would receive around 45%.

Why is this important you ask?

Take this into consideration: Jesse Ventura, the former wrestler turned independent Minnesota governor, did not poll in double digits until only a few months prior to the election. Yet, given an energetic and unique campaign, he came away with the Minnesota job. To that end, Kinky has actually hired Ventura's campaign manager to help with his own run.

Kinky is beginning to receive serious press, and he will be a force to be reckoned with in the 06 election. For more info on Kinky Friedman and his campaign, check out .