The Blog To End All Blogs


Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Blog To End All Blogs - A Success Story In Action - Day 1

I've decided to let you, the readers, follow my every move as I attempt to build traffic, interest, and adsense revenue using The Blog To End All Blogs.

Everyday (relatively) I will post a list or synopsis of what I have done to improve this blog, be it only writing entries or actually taking an active step to promote it.

Today's improvements:

Went into the template code and made the post titles permalinks because permalink titles tend to perform better within the context of search engine optimization.

Changed the archive frequency from monthly to daily for SEO purposes.

Signed up with in order to allow any interested readers to receive emails with each new blog post.

Activated my blog such that it informs each time a post is made.

Registered with Technorati.

Promoted the blog on and, with the latter being significantly more successful than the former in this regard.

Contacted Ben at about a link exchange.

Began to post comments / network on others' blogs.

Made 4 new posts (counting this one).

Stay tuned to see how these and other improvements and promotions affect the blog to end all blogs' success.