The Blog To End All Blogs


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Day 3 - The Blog To End All Blogs

Today's attempts to improve the blog:

- Spent a lot of time at Blog Explosion
working to get credits so that this blog could be advertised. In sum I probably spent a couple of hours thumbing through other members' blogs and earned about 70 credits. Each credit is worth 1 unique visitor to the site, so presumably 70 people have at least gotten to see the heading of my previous post about PVR and the PVR - AdSense test.

- Continued the commenting / networking on other blogs and forums.

- Did plenty of reading over at Performancing on blog promotion and improvement.

-Kept on writing posts.

Happy to report that my first comment was received today. A bit cryptic, but still appreciated.

I am considering putting up other ads on this blog. Whether I choose to will depend on how unobtrusive I can make them.