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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Greatest Myth In Blogging - The Chris Pirillo Effect

We've all heard of absurd myths, the sort of accounts that are used to scare children into going to sleep.

Today I have discovered the greatest myth in blogging. It's an idea so outrageous, so crazy, that just uttering it might qualify you for the asylum.

As with many myths, this one does have some basis in truth. Apparently a few people mentioned Chris Pirillo in their blogs and he happened to notice them and comment. Then, Mike Flynn wrote this article, terming the phenomenon "The Pirillo Effect". All well and good, of course. Now, after noticing this Pirillo linked to the article from his own blog. The story now is that if you say "Chris Pirillo" three times within your post, he will soon appear and comment on your blog.

My question here is the same as Mike noted, although I am more skeptical: Is this Chris Pirillo or Beetlejuice?

Now, I could be wrong. Maybe Chris Pirillo has an army of Pirillo spiderbots, crawling the web looking for any mention of his name. Narcissistic? Yes. Impossible? No.

Anyway, I have now mentioned "Chris Pirillo", counting that last one, five times. That should be plenty to get the man here if the rumors are true.

I give it 1 week. If Chris Pirillo has commented on this post, on this blog, then I will personally hail the Pirillo effect as a proven law of science.

I seriously doubt that I will have to do that though.