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Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Idea Of The Day: A Blog Newspaper

Posted this over at YGG too, but might as well place it on the blog. Please note that the idea of the day likely will not be a recurring feature because, unfortunately, I generally have mediocre ideas daily, average ideas weekly, and good ideas only a few times per month. With no further ado:

I was reading a post from Yaro Starak recently about the potential of blog networks - large numbers of blogs grouped under one umbrella network for promotion and linking purposes. The idea is that bloggers are paid for their writing and that the owner/manager of the network gains most of the advertising revenue.

Why not take that a step further with an online, daily syndicated newspaper (covering current business, sports, news, etc.) made up entirely of articles written by bloggers? You could include the same sort of advertising features (adwords, etc.) in the newspaper, as well as possibly selling cheap subscriptions to it assuming it became a quality product.

This could hit home with all of the people who feel like cable and network news is too dry nowadays, or that print media is biased one way or the other. The younger tech generation might like having the newspaper show up in their inbox instead of their driveway.

You could even use different "slants" of news to appeeal to different groups; ie at signup a prospect can ask for the conservative news (news coverage from conservative blogs) or liberal news (liberal blogs), or obviously retain an "unbiased" news. You could localize sports coverage also.