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Monday, January 02, 2006

The PVR Adsense Test - Part 1

After writing my last post I have decided to perform a test to see how easily one can profit from high yield keywords.

I have begun "The PVR Source" at It will focus on Personal Video Recorders (PVR), which Top Paying Keywords lists as one of its most improved Google search phrases based on adsense revenue per click.

Here are my rules for this experiment:

1. I can only post links to other PVR articles; I can not develop and post entirely original articles.

2. I can promote PVR Source in any way that I want, provided that I do not spend an excessive amount of time promoting the blog.

3. The only revenue that I can consider relevant is revenue that originates from Google Adsense.

4. The experiment will last one week, to begin with. After the week I will compare the Adsense revenue from PVR Source to any revenue I earn from The Blog To End All Blogs.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that the blog given more time, with a higher amount of interesting, customized content, would be more profitable. I fully expect, however, that within a week PVR Source will have outperformed this blog by at least a two to one ratio.

If you have thoughts on this experiment or suggestions to improve it, please let me know by leaving a comment.

PVR, DNA, Florida Lawyer: The Madness Of Adsense Keywords

For the first few days of running The Blog To End All Blogs, the adsense ads at the top of the page have primarily been about blogs. I find that the majority of my adsense ads turn out to be links right back to; needless to say a click on one of these ads, though appreciated, is only worth a few cents.

If I wanted a blog that was purely centered around profit, then I would see how many of the keywords from I could fit into my post. For your email address they provide a list of the 20 "most improved" keywords in terms of amount of money generated per click, on a percentage basis.

Included on the list were such terms as "PVR" (Personal Video Recorder, akin to a Tivo I believe), "DNA" (Deoxyribonucleic Acid for any of you who might be curious), and "Florida Lawyer". If someone clicks on a "Florida Lawyer" based Adsense ad on your blog, you instantly earn over 10 dollars.

So what am I to do? Go out and register,, and, slap a few news links up on each one and hope for the best? I don't plan to, but this is the sort of get rich quick scheme that reminds me of the Million Dollar Homepage, although it lacks the ingenuity.

No, I'll keep blogging about my blog and whatever else might interest me, nursing my 75 page impressions - 4 clickthroughs - $0.61 earned stats until someone has to pry the keyboard away from my cold dead fingers.

Day 2 - The Blog To End All Blogs

What did I accomplish with the blog today, you ask?

The following:

-Joined forums and posted an introduction about myself, this blog, and some of my other ventures. Began to interact with the other users there. A specific shoutout goes to Sammy from for offering an insightful and quick response to my post.

-Continued commenting and interacting on other blogs. Having been working with this for only a week I think I can say that one of the most crucial factors in terms of generating blog success is developing genuine networking skills and getting to know other bloggers.

-Worked with promotions on and other websites, although the threads I made are slowly sinking to the back. Which makes me curious as to whether there are any forums purely dedicated to trading blog information. If any reader is knowledgeable here please send me in the right direction.

-Went back to (see my other post about that episode) and checked my spam (article). Oddly enough I had got one other digg, but there were no more comments after my apology so I guess we won't know if I was forgiven until I post a legitimate article there.

-Registered with

-Continued to write and plan content. Look for this blog to roll out many unique and interesting articles in the coming weeks.

We'll have to see how the blog networking and the other strategies improve my readership. For now I'd be surprised if two people read this blog everyday. That is to be expected, though, and it is my job to generate quality content to draw people here and keep them coming back.