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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blogmad - The New Link Exchange

BlogMad has set a tentative launch date of March 1, 2006. "What is BlogMad?" you ask?

BlogMad is similar to Blog Explosion in that it is a blog link exchange site. It operates under the same premise as its compatriot - you take the time to look at other member's blogs, and other BlogMad users will take the time to look at yours.

Why are we talking about this in January?

The answer here is simple - timing. If you sign up to Blog Explosion right now, you become one member in about 15000. That's not exactly good for your ego, and definitely not good for your blog. Having spent a few hours surfing other members' blogs, I think that only MonkeyBoy has gotten anything out of mine. Alternatively, if you sign up for BlogMad right now, you become one of the founding members. Not only do you receive 25 immediate credits (which means 25 unique visitors to your site), but you will also be one of the first listed in the BlogMad directories. Additionally you have the chance to become a referrer, allowing you to earn even more initial credits. Referrer banners might look a little something like this:


I'm not one to recommend something unless I think it will be useful. From what I have seen, BlogMad looks like it will be a quality link exchange and blog directory site. If my opinion changes, I will be certain to note it. So for now, head over there, sign up, and get ready for a world of new readers come March.