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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The PVR Adsense Test - Update

Last week I made this post explaining the idea behind the PVR Source Blog.

For anyone not in the know, the idea was to test the potential success of creating link dump blogs centering around high yield keywords.

Well, the results are in:

In second place, performing relatively well but still unremarkably: The Blog To End All Blogs!

And in first place, the reigning champion: PVR Source!

Ok, so PVR Source won, like I expected it too. While I can't get too specific with the stats because of the Adsense terms of service, I can tell you that this blog received significantly more page views and clicks but that the PVR Source Blog earned significantly more Adsense revenue because of the high value of PVR and DVR related keywords.

The even odder aspect, to me, is how well PVR Source performed with the true dearth of content it experienced. I made a grand total of two - that's right, TWO - one sentence posts. One was an introduction and the other a link. In other words, it really doesn't deserve to be called a blog so much as a link portal.

At this point we face the most difficult part of the experiment - evaluating what the results mean. Although I expected this to occur, I am still not happy about it. The message that the success of this and other blogs like it is that you do not need quality content to be a quality blogger. A debate can be had about whether being a "quality blogger" and a "profitable blogger" are the same thing.

I'll leave that for you to think about for now.